Mecca – day 3

Midmorning I was picked up by Yasin and his mother and we drove to a mountain at the urban fringe.

2015-05-19 10.53.23

So I had the chance to see a bit more of Mecca.

2015-05-19 11.31.08

The scenery reminded me of my walking days …

2015-05-19 11.47.10

… and then we reached the rock.

2015-05-19 11.47.47

In these climes it is always good to have an umbrella with you. 😉

2015-05-19 12.07.31

The ascent was quite challenging because of the hot temperature.

2015-05-19 12.20.57

But I discovered a tree, I always knew that it must excist somewhere – the tree where plastic grows on.

2015-05-19 12.27.17

As usual when there is a cliff around I had to go there for a dare 😉

2015-05-19 12.37.00

It was quite a different view over Mecca up there.

2015-05-19 12.37.49

After we had seen everything and visited the cave, we went back down.

2015-05-19 13.27.18 2015-05-19 13.39.42

Yasin dropped me at the hotel and I needed a short rest after this mountain trip. Thank you for this interesting tour!

P.S.: The Anjum Hotel is supporting people, who want to do something special in their life. They help to make wishes come true. Here is the link for futher information.

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