Mecca – day 4

This morning I’ve had breakfast at the Anjum Hotel for the first time. It was so impressing to see this huge dining room with all the delicious things around.

2015-05-20 09.53.33

There is another thing I want to mention: Yasin and his family organized a Hotel in Medina for me for tomorrow. At as an encore the Hotel Anjum chauffeur will bring me to Medina and will guide me through the city for a sight seeing tour.

I am so grateful for all the support you gave to me and for your magnanimity.

Whenever you come to Mecca you have to stay at Anjum Hotel.

2015-05-20 13.30.50

After breakfast I made another sight seeing tour on my own. I visited the al-Haram-Mosque one more time because it is so impressing …

2015-05-20 13.31.39

2015-05-20 13.33.24

2015-05-20 13.36.18

2015-05-20 13.51.10

… and I also found the Ali Gate.

2015-05-20 14.08.33

Afterwards I went inside a shopping mall.

2015-05-20 14.11.06

This mall was incredibly large …

2015-05-20 14.14.03

… and I liked the perfumery most 🙂

2015-05-20 14.41.35

Finally I also found a Saudi Arabian fast food restaurant.

2015-05-20 19.50.21

When I came back to the hotel in the evening I felt a bit groggy – I think it could have been the temperature …

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One Response to Mecca – day 4

  1. Cédric says:

    Well done my friend. BRAVO What a guy! U made it!
    What’s next? A pilgirmage on Buddha’s steps perhaps??!!
    Whish U a slow reentring back home to a sedentary (!?) new life…
    Cheers, Cédric 😉


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