Arrival at Medina – this is the end

On this special day I want to start with another huge THANK YOU to the Anjum Hotel Mecca for the great hospitality and all the support! And now let the last stage begin …

2015-05-21 10.30.32

At 9 o’clock the Hotel chauffeur and I started in the direction of Medina.

2015-05-21 10.32.25

Most of the time it was a quite unspectacular ride. But not always …

2015-05-21 11.31.11

… I haven’t seen this before – baboons all along, by and on the road.

2015-05-21 11.31.22

There were so many of them and it seemed as if the highway …

2015-05-21 11.33.04 2015-05-21 11.33.06

… was something like a road movie for them 😉

2015-05-21 12.34.24

We still were on our way and as I mentioned before …

2015-05-21 12.37.19

… a nice view but no further onlookers.

2015-05-21 13.26.42

At 2:00 p.m. we finally reached Medina and I checked in at the hotel first.

2015-05-21 14.07.55

And there was this big Wow when I looked out my room window. I had this spectular view on the Prophet’s Mosque.

2015-05-21 14.28.02

And on the top there was this fruit basket and a hand written welcome card for me from the Oberoi Madina Hotel. But I had to go outside to visit the Prophet’s Mosque, which is the final resting place of Muhammad.

2015-05-21 16.19.24

2015-05-21 16.20.01

On the place in front there were these stunning sunshades. I’ve never seen such beautiful things before.

2015-05-21 16.23.48

Immediately afterwards I came to the entrance portal …

2015-05-21 16.25.55

… which is richly ornamented outside and inside.

2015-05-21 16.27.15

2015-05-21 16.28.25

There were these imposing arcades all around …

2015-05-21 16.38.03

… and a touch of gold. Really amazing!

2015-05-21 16.31.32

2015-05-21 16.46.08

2015-05-21 17.21.09

Every minaret so different and so beautiful.

2015-05-21 16.50.49

2015-05-21 16.51.30

In fact, the Prophet’s Mosque is also the final resting place of the first two Rashidun caliphs Abu Bakr and Umar ibn Al-Khattab.

2015-05-21 17.03.35 2015-05-21 17.23.59

An overwhelming beauty!

2015-05-21 17.51.46 2015-05-21 17.54.20

When I came outside again the place looked a bit different. I figured out why things changed. At sunset they close the sunshades 🙂

2015-05-21 17.55.54

But anyhow, I kept on walking around and I saw some more nice buildings.

2015-05-21 18.07.12 2015-05-21 18.10.41 2015-05-21 18.15.00

These mosques were converted houses of the caliphs.

2015-05-21 18.15.54

They were such a contrast to what I’ve seen before at the Prophet’s Mosque but when I went inside I was equally impressed …

2015-05-21 18.16.59

2015-05-21 18.18.14

2015-05-21 18.19.21

2015-05-21 18.19.47

… by all these details.

2015-05-21 18.42.53

On my way back I had to cross the “sunshade place” once again and there were just many pillars left instead of the umbrellas.

2015-05-21 20.09.15

As I was hungry I went into a Yemeni restaurant where these nice guys invited me for dinner for no reason. Thank you very much!

2015-05-21 20.50.19

And now I enjoy the night view on the Prophet’s Mosque out of my room window.

There is one more thing I want to mention: neither in Mecca nor in Medina it was possible to get an official stamp for my pilgrims passport. The authorities just didn’t want to. I went there for several times and at the end they just said no!

2015-05-21 22.47.03

Today is the day. The day of arrival. Due to the circumstance that it was not possible to wallk through Saudi Arabia, I had to change the route. Therefore my final target was Medina instead of Mecca. Today I arrived in Medina after 301 days and 8.700 kilometres of walking.

2015-05-21 23.02.39

To be honest – I am a bit proud of myself 😉

2015-05-21 23.03.56

But now it is time to say goodbye! Thank you to all my followers and friends for supporting me with your comments and encouraging words. Thank you to all the people I met on the way for all the support, warmth, humanity and courtesy they bestowed on me. Thank you to all my embosomed new friends I made on this way. And also a big thank you to my family and friends at home, who made this “whole thing” possible.

Thank you all and goodbye! See you again on my next trip … 😉

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9 Responses to Arrival at Medina – this is the end

  1. Marjan Blümer says:

    Goodbye Thair, all the best and ‘buen camino’.


    • Arnie says:

      Well done to think of soinmhteg like that


    • David–The 1010 is built on the same last as the 110 (minimus last, 4mm drop) but offers a slightly broader base of support. the upper is more traditional mesh w/ overlays, but still holds the foot really well. rock plate in the forefoot and slightly thicker midsole heights (10mm/14mm). Really liked the way they ran this past weekend.Marcus–Wilson is an excellent mountain. Really nice trails.


  2. oulanbator61 says:

    It is now that the real adventure begins…


  3. Cédric says:

    Спасибо большое друг мой
    Spasiba bolshoye druk moy
    Thanks a lot my friend😉
    Well done again 👍
    Come safe home and enjoy your New Life…
    Hope to meet you again


  4. Sigrid Bergmann says:

    Danke für diese atemberaubenden Eindrücke und all die Fotos und Berichte während der vergangenen 10 Monate!


  5. Waltraud Hamah Said says:

    Lieber Ali, danke dass ich 301 Tage “mitgehen” durfte. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute!!!


  6. Syed Faizuddin Hussaini says:

    Excellent . I pray that May all mighty accept your prayers , also insha allah you will get the reward in the world here after for every step you took towards the the holy city of Makkah and Madinah . I pray to almighty allah for your sisters well being and prosperity . Assalam alay kum.


  7. Hermann Rodtmann says:

    Hallo Ali ,vielen lieben Dank für Deine außergewöhnlich schönen Berichte .
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie eine gute Zeit in Eurem ” alten” Leben .
    Liebe Grüße dein Pilgerbruder Hermann


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