Good bye Oman – my heart is bleeding

Yesterday I had to pack my stuff and prepare for my flight back to Salalah.

2015-05-15 15.18.40

I was very proud about the fact how valuable my shoes have been. Actually they’ve made my way for thousands of kilometres and now they are treated like trophy from Hilals family.

2015-05-15 15.19.09

As I had no proper clothes for my trip to Mecca Saif gave me one of his dishdashas and Hamood gave me a cap. And because I’ve been on a journey they purified me with incense. (that’s the small pot you can see between my feet) 🙂

2015-05-15 15.22.28

I took the chance to have a last look at my good old shoes …

2015-05-15 15.26.57 2015-05-15 17.35.07

… and then it was time to say goodbye to my Omani family. Thank you one more time for everything you did for me! I already miss you!

2015-05-15 16.56.55

On the way to the airport we met Lakshmi and her son because she wanted to donate the clothes I would need for my final stage at Mecca. Thank you Lakshmi for your great support on my way through Oman!

2015-05-15 20.43.29

Back at Salalah Airport there were all my Iraqi friends awaiting me. After a big hello …

2015-05-15 21.42.43

… they invited me for dinner …

2015-05-15 22.47.34

… and we had lots of fun a nice evening together.

2015-05-16 16.30.27

Today I was invited by Faizal, the guy I already met in Ras Madrakah with his friends, when I was on my way, for lunch because he also wanted to grab to chance to say goodbye.

2015-05-16 18.19.40

And finally after all the goodbyes my Iraqi friends brought me back to the airport again. Thank you to all of you for the good days we’ve had together at Salalah!

2015-05-16 19.19.39

And here I am, sitting in an aeroplane, eye to eye with the last stage of my tremendous journey from Graz to Mecca on foot. 🙂

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Little Thair was born …

This morning was really weird. A friend knocked on my door. He was really excited and told me about the effects of yesterday’s media presence. Many people had read the stories and everybody seemed to be talking about me. But the most overwhelming story I was told, was that a woman who gave birth to a son yesterday heard about my story and decided to name her son Thair :). A wonderful story to wake up with :).

2015-05-14 07.29.02

This is my signed walking equipment, which now goes to those who purchased it yesterday.

2015-05-14 07.29.44

2015-05-14 12.49.31

Lakshmi then accompanied me to the Oman Cancer Society.

2015-05-14 12.18.09

There we had the honour to hand over the money we could get from the auction. It was a really wonderful and overwhelming moment.

2015-05-14 12.33.17

We then did some more pictures with supporters and employers.

2015-05-14 13.53.10

Our next stop was at the Iraq embassy, where I got a warm welcome, another stamp in my pilgrim’s passport …

2015-05-14 14.27.04

… and some presents. Thank you so much!

2015-05-14 14.52.28

Of course after our appointment it was time to take pictures :).

2015-05-14 23.02.30

And now it’s time for a barbeque-dinner with my Oman family and friends. Let’s enjoy the evening!

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Postcard of today

2015-05-08 21.14.38

Zaussen my sister, I love you! Thank you so much!

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Home away from home – Oman

I’ve had a late arrival at about 1:00 a.m. and I was picked up by my friend Hamood, a member of Hilals family in Muscat.

Today we had a meeting at Oman Observer with many renowned personalities. The minister of the Ministry for information was there and he nominated me to a honoray citizen of Oman. I was very proud and deeply touched by getting this privilege. Thank you so much! There were also members of the Iraqi embassy, people of the Omani Cancer Aid and of course many journalists.

2015-05-13 10.38.42

So I had to give a lecture and the whole story culminated in an auction sale of my walking equipment to the benefit of Omani Cancer Aid. And I am definitely proud that we made € 20.000! A big thank you to all the successful bidders.

2015-05-13 19.21.11

2015-05-13 19.21.25

But the most heartwarming thing for me is the fact, that I’ve found a second family in Oman. Thank you to Hilal and all his family for your outstanding support any time I was in need for it and for giving me the feeling of having a second home!

2015-05-13 11.52.46

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Postcards of two days

To my sister Zaussen …

2015-05-08 21.14.00 2015-05-08 21.14.20

… with a double thank you!

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To Maskat with obstacles …

2015-05-11 23.51.26

After a great afternoon and evening with friends from Iraq society I went back to the hotel yesterday to get prepared for my flight to Maskat. I am supposed to meet an Oman minister there.

2015-05-12 00.18.05

With some help from my friends 🙂 I left for the airport.


2015-05-12 11.06.33

I wrapped all my luggage …

2015-05-12 11.03.28

… and waited for the flight desk to open. I was prepared to leave at 13.55. But nothing opened. When I asked the staff, they told me that the plane had already left???

2015-05-12 10.35.23

And after a glimpse at my ticket I had to admit that they were right.
Either I have to go to the ophthalmologist as soon as possible or I have to go back to school to learn how to read and understand the content. I am afraid the ticket doesn’t say 13.55, what do you think?

2015-05-12 12.43.04

Ali, an engineer who brought me to the airport and had been waiting there with me until we realized the problem, gave me a lift back. Thank you for your support and your patience!

2015-05-12 14.46.55

So we enjoyed a wonderful lunch instead of airplane food, which wasn’t really bad too.
I got another flight at 10 pm. I hope, even my restricted perception can’t hold me back from meeting an Oman minister.

2015-05-12 19.04.12

And on our lunch tour we met Monique and David, an American couple on a world tour. It was really great meeting them! They will leave at 11 pm and Ali offered us to bring us to the airport (once again). I really hope that there won’t be any further obstacles.

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Playing football until midnight …

2015-05-10 22.33.31

Yesterday I was invited by the Iraq society to play a football game. We played against a Chinese team. It was great fun. And since it was extremely hot we started late and stopped really, really, really late. After the game I even got a wooden trophy.

2015-05-11 00.12.47

My knee wasn’t too pleased but I definitely was.
Fortunately, there was some time to sit and pose and take pictures with all the footballers.

2015-05-11 09.35.24

To be honest, today was not filled with excitement. I walked around a little bit, enjoyed a siesta at the hotel when it was getting really hot and then I picked up my passport.

2015-05-11 14.54.18

And there it was (and this was really exciting): My visa for my final destination. Yes!!!

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