About me

Thair Abud (Ali)

 20140607_165516__DSC4392 Facts about me:
Born: 6 June 1965
Born in: Duisburg, Germany
Nationality: Austria
Father: Iraqi
Mother: German
In Austria since 1979

My name is Thair Abud, I was born in Germany, in 1965. My father is Iraqi and my mother is German. I have been living in Graz, the second largest city of Austria since 1979, where I live and work. 

Last year my sister  has told me, that she has breast cancer, I told her, that I will make a pilgrimage for her with the condition that she has to follow my way on the guides which I use, as the way from Austria to Santiago (Spain), is well described in guides which I bought. When I was on the way, I was always in contact with her so that she knew where I was. I started every day for 102 days with the words „For Zaussen“.

When I arrived back home, she told me, that when her pain was on high level, she took the guide and followed me on the way, till she forgot the pain. So I helped her in some painful moments.

On the way I made an offering (Nithir): If my sister will turn to be healthy again and if I will arrive safely to Spain, I will walk to Mecca.  Now it’s time to fulfill the promises made.

I will start on Friday July 25th 2014
The way will take me in Europe from mosque to mosque the first one will be around 200 km south of Graz in Zagreb (Croatia), most of them were built in Ottoman architecture, the oldest is the Jumaya mosque in Plovdiv (Bulgaria which was built 1364.

>> German Version

>> Arabic Version


25 Responses to About me

  1. Rawezh Salim says:

    Viel Glück


  2. ramazan says:

    ali hallo mein Bruder, mein Name ist Ramazan und ich las man dort für einen Moment auf einem türkischen Ort. Ich wünsche Ihnen eine sehr gute Straße, die Gott schützt Sie in Ihrem wunderbaren trajet.Oublie nicht für uns zu beten, für alle Muslime. J’éspère que tu vas bien enrichir ton âme à ton arrivé à la MECQUE mon frère.Wir sind zusammen insaALLAH. SELAMUN ALEYKUM


  3. ramazan says:

    ali hallo mein Bruder, mein Name ist Ramazan und ich las man dort für einen Moment auf einem türkischen Ort. Ich wünsche Ihnen eine sehr gute Straße, die Gott schützt Sie in Ihrem wunderbaren trajet.vergiss es nicht für uns zu beten, für alle Muslime. Ich hoffe, Sie in Ordnung bereichern Sie Ihre Seele, wenn Sie kommen, um das Mekka mein Bruder.Wir sind zusammen insaALLAH. SELAMUN ALEYKUM


  4. Tarkan turgut says:

    Hello there dear religious brother. I just heard about your holy pilgrimage attempt. I hope you will manage. I looked at your map and couldnt see budapest. But if you change your route when you return, i would be sery happy to host you in budapest:) may Allah be with you….


  5. mutlu says:

    Hello, I’m a happy same feeling was very nice to meet you zat I struggled with cancer for two years I’ve had myself now I would like to convey my best wishes have been late in .Ablaya I have a healthy life, I follow Bendesa since I karşılaşdğı you insallah trabzon than happy ayrılırsıız love and respect for … I would happily challenge


  6. fatih says:

    allah yolun izin açık etsin ALİ bizlerede dua et.


  7. All the best Thair. Very noble of you to do this.


  8. Gert, Dein angeheirateter Cousin says:

    Hallo Ali, ich verfolge schon seit Budapest ziemlich regelmäßig die Berichte von Deiner Pilgerreise. Allerdings habe ich erst heute gefunden, daß Du den langen Weg für die Heilung von Zausen auf Dich genommen hast. Das finde ich großartig !!! und bewundere Deinxe Standhaftigkeit. Was für ein wundervolles Beispiel für die paar verrückten und fehlgeleiteten Muslime, die angeblich im Namen Allahs Morde und Selbstmorde begehen. Groesste Hochachtung. Gert


  9. socialinform says:

    I wish you and your sister all the best. I am an Iranian and happy that you can visit Iran. I wished Iraq would be less dangerous and you could visit it.

    I am very much interested in travel reports of foreigners in Iran (the only unbiased source for impressions from Iran), and post this travel reports here:

    So I am glad to follow your trip, and exited about reading about your impressions.


  10. Alaa says:

    Yesterday, when my science teacher told us that we should head to the auditorium because we had a guest, I thought that it was going to be boring. But right now I want to go back to the auditorium and listen to Thair’s story over and over again. That was the best story I’ve ever heard. When the students and I returned back to the class, our teacher asked us to share our thoughts based on what we’ve just heard. One of the students said that he is an inspiration, and I totally agree, in fact all of the students agree. We kept on sharing thoughts and relating this story to our daily life and how we should keep our promises no matter how difficult they are, we also started to quote some sayings that are linked to this phenomenal journey. I’d like to thank Thair for stopping by our school to share his story with us and I’d also like to thank my school for bringing such a guest to us.


  11. Hilal family says:

    All my family enjoy with Thair at our home now ,in Oman he is very honest and strong human, May Allah bless your life Thair with your family and we are praying for your sister to have strong health inshallah,, your story made us all learn good lesson in this world, and how to live simple life and we should thank god on whatever we have. I would like to thank my brother Hilal without him we would not have known Thair , may god bless my brother and my whole family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ute u.Martin Pfeiffer says:

      Hallo lieber Thair, ich verfolge gespannt die Berichte über Ihre Etappen,besonders,da unser Sohn Steffen in ein paar Wochen auch losgeht. Wir wünschen Ihnen weiterhin gutes Gelingen und eine gesunde Heimkehr.Liebe Grüsse Fam.Pfeiffer


  12. التقيت مع تائر أمس التقيت مع ثائر أمس في منطقة عاسك والتي تبعد عن صلاله 200كم وهي نقطة نهاية رحلته وقد بدأء عليه أثار السفر والتعب . أتمنى لأخته الشفاء


  13. All the best Thair Abud, l like ur Journey, I wish you and your sister all the best.


  14. Assalaamu alikum mr Thahir.
    I get your this noble news by our local channel ” Midia One”in India.
    im praying ccomplete your promise for Allah and safely reach with your Sister.


  15. IRSHAD says:

    Mr, Thair Abud….Masha Allah…May allah accept u a Umrah Journey. I get to know about ur Journey In KERALA STATE NEWS CHANNEL “Media One”…almighty allah will shifa u a sisters illness…


  16. Amani says:

    Dear Thair, what a noble journey you took upon yourself. The depth and meaning of your nithr is truly touching and beautiful. Keep that spirit free, I hope you will always be lead on the right way in your life now and hereafter


  17. Elke says:

    Hallo, Ali!
    Heute in der Zeitung: ein Bericht von Dir 😉.
    Richtig toll, was Du getan hast.
    Liebe Grüße von einer Ex-Nachbarin aus der


  18. Saffira says:

    assalamualaikum ali. congratulations for you. I hope to have great determination like you. I really enjoyed reading your blog. you are great ali


  19. wulan says:

    you’re inspiration to many people…


  20. Cherry says:

    Ååå..sÃ¥ skjønn<3 Hun er sÃ¥ nydelig, og har såååå fine kr¸rsler..MoÃlomt Ã¥ kunne pynte hÃ¥ret litt:)Ha en herlig onsdag,søte deg:)Klem


  21. Suzy says:

    Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inocrehent. Not this!


  22. Usman says:

    Hai Thair Abud
    How are you&your sister susan
    I watching your video
    So your a nice brother


  23. Usman says:

    Please send your fb name

    My fb name: usman.nirappil


  24. Shamudheen says:

    My beloved brother
    I would like to pray for you “Ya allah give him what he want’ Ameen brother can i have your facebook id


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